What is the K53?

I heard this so many times, Please just teach me the “k53″ that stuff that you mentioned around the car, just before you start with a test.

People, that stuff is the ” pre-trip inspection”. The “K53” is the method of driving not the pre-trip inspection, yes it’s part of the test but it’s not the method of driving.

The K53 method of driving is developed with safety in mind, safety for the driver, pedestrians and also other road users. There are certain elements that make-up the K53 method of driving e.g:

  • Observations/ Direction OBS.
  • Which consist of sequences:
  • O– observation
  • I– indication
  • G– gear-selection
  • O– Full observation
  • R– release handbrake and move off

Once, you have pin down all the sequence and manoeuvres, the test will be very easy to execute successfully. So make sure that you understand the method, apply it and the test will really be a breeze.

That’s all for now, Next time will explore the method of driving in a broader context.

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